FAQ - Travellers

What is this?

This is a helping hand for the amazing experiences around New Zealand that we all want to travel to in our lifetime. Due to COVID-19 and its impact on international borders, every experience is getting hit hard and are in need of support from the traveler community throughout New Zealand, so in the future we can all continue to experience those bucket list moments.


How long will I have to redeem my voucher?

24 months from date of purchase 

What if the business I buy a voucher from goes bust before I can cash it in?

Yep, that is a fair concern. Given none of us can predict the future, that is a risk you take when buying a voucher. Given we are agents for the businesses, it will be up to them to work with you in the scenario that they cannot fulfil their voucher.

Our strong advice is that you should ensure you are happy to take this risk before you complete the transaction.

When will I get the voucher? What is it?

When you pay, you will receive 2 emails. The first is an order confirmation email. The second is a receipt with a unique order number on it - that becomes your voucher. Print it out, or bring it on your phone to the experience you bought it for after this is all over, and they will accept it then.

Will I get a physical/tangible voucher mailed to me? 

No, this is an e-voucher system (pictured below). We will not be mailing out physical or tangible vouchers. And let's face it, it's a lot more environmentally friendly anyway. 

I want to send a voucher to a friend/family etc, how do I do this?

When you purchase a voucher, you will receive your voucher code in an email almost immediately. This is a unique code that you can forward in email to your friend/family.  

How much of the money goes to the businesses?

All of it, less the credit card fees and a $5 to $10 agent fee. Naturally there are operating costs we need to cover to keep this initiative going.

Credit card fees below:

Shopify Payments 2.7% + 30c


How do I know this is legit?

It is - this has been set up by a few concerned people in the tourism community. No credit card details are held by us. The site is hosted by Shopify, the payments go through Shopify Payments.

Are you a charity?

No we are not a registered charity. We are a registered company (company, Save My Bucket List Ltd. There are no profits from this - all the proceeds go directly to the experience providers after our agent fee to help with the costs to keep the initiative going.


I have an experience I'd like to support who isn't listed - how can I do that?

Please contact them and let them know about us, or go to this page and tell us about them. We will try to contact them and if they want, we will add them.


How do I redeem my voucher? 

You will be sent a voucher with a unique code. To redeem the voucher, contact the Chosen Merchant. 


Can I make a donation to a tourism business instead of buying a voucher? 

Yes, please contact us directly if you’d like to make a donation.