Faces of Tourism Series - Pohatu Penguins

Today we've got the Helps Family from Pohatu Penguins as the stars of our Faces of Tourism Series. 

30+ years ago, farmers on Banks Peninsula (the Helps and the Amstrongs) took upon themselves to protect penguins on their property. It was very successful as the colony is still increasing with over 1200 breeding pairs.
But in 2000 the word got out and locals and tourists kept on invading their private land and protected environments to see penguins on their own. Adult penguins were scared and began abandoning chicks to starve. This Helps family got into tourism by creating Pohatu Penguins which delivers tours to control intruders but also to further finance the conservation work so when purchasing a tour, clients have a direct and positive impact on the colony - how awesome?!
"We always think that we have time to explore our own country but we start travelling abroad. We don't need to as New Zealand, despite its small size, has such a big diversity of landscapes, environments, unique attractions and special places that we could travel around the world and see all what we have here on our doorsteps." Great words from the Helps Family about our amazing country. 
Check our the experience the Pohatu Penguins Team have listed on our site.