Faces of Tourism Series - Escape Mate

Our face in our Faces of Tourism Series today is Izabella Venter from Escape Mate.

Izabella and her team opened their escape rooms in 2015 – the first ones in Wellington! If you haven’t heard of Escape Mate or escape rooms before – it’s all about puzzle-solving, untangling mysteries and thinking outside the box!


All Escape Mate games were created by their team - “Our game developers design the theme and types of puzzles, that will be brought to life by electronic engineers and artists - inventing intricate electronics and mechanisms and bullet proof, unbreakable props to endure player interaction.”

Escape Mate is a truly NZ made company providing an amazing group experience based in the capital and Izabella would like to share this message with New Zealander’s -

“Be a tourist in your own country, you won't regret it! Marvellous adventures, breath-taking landscapes and great vibes! Time to make some memories!”

If you're looking for a rainy day activity, your next social club idea or a fun activity for the family, check out their experience vouchers on our website.